Web Scrapping

What is Web Scraping?

'Web scraping'—a term that refers to the processing of html pages of target web sites and the extraction of information in the form of a script of a program, is also known as web harvesting, web crawling, or web extractions. These days, web scraping is being widely used for retrieving and extracting information from Google Maps, Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon; to name a few.

Web Scraping at X-Byte

At X-Byte, we offer a wide array of tools and scripts that replicate all kinds of information for individuals and organizations alike. We help you to connect to the html pages of all targeted websites and extract valuable and relevant information. Our robust and highly scalable web servers send back the html web pages that you are looking for and promise to make your profitability figures better—and in more ways than one.

The benefits of hiring our result-oriented data scraping tools include:

  • Guaranteed improvements in business prospects.
  • Accurate prediction of market trends with the help of collated data.
  • Easy and reliable accumulation of data in a manner that can be reused without much effort.

Our Web Scraping Services

At X-Byte we can help you collate all the data and information from various websites, online directories ,Yellow Pages, Amazon, social networking sites, travel related websites, ecommerce sites, financial websites, job portals, and other prominent categories. Our areas of expertise include the scraping of:

  • Gather profile data from social networking sites
  • Products, blogs and social media
  • Govt. records (public)
  • Records of business partners and customer reviews
  • Market/ competitive data
  • Service details and entertainment sites
  • Accessories portals
  • Sites related to events, real estates, hospitality, travel, business, classifieds, recruitment, news, and so forth.

Why choose X Byte for Web Scraping Services?

We offer accurate and quick results that enable you to review and analyze data as per your custom requirements. Our team of experts is equipped with the right skill sets and expertise to handle your data scraping concerns to the hilt—in an accurate and cost-effective manner.

Do get in touch with our experts and see your web presence soar!