Engagement Models

In the current business scenario there are quite a few types of business models that are being adapted by companies globally. While some companies prefer having a flexible model that varies as per the requirements of their clients and can be molded as and when required, others prefer to stick to the more traditional fixed model. We at X-Byte follow a fixed business model approach, which meets the requirements of both clients as well as those of the development company.

The approach followed at X-Byte is quite systematic and organized. Our pricing also follows similar lines of thought. With a systematic outlook in place, we go about our services of suggesting and delivering the best possible solutions to all clients.

The Fixed Price Model at X-Byte

  • This type of model is aptly suited for those customers whose requirements and project schedules are fixed, and no further changes are anticipated in the near future.
  • Here, the client agrees to pay a pre-negotiated price for the entire project and this is linked to the various deliverables that are to be provided by our team.
  • In case client requirements are not yet decided upon, then our analysts help them prepare for the same.
  • Our business analysts at X-Byte prepare a detailed 'Business Requirement Document' which includes all technical specifications and wireframe, along with the business flow of the project.
  • Once the requirements are finalized, a detailed proposal is presented to the customer, along with the overall time frame and cost estimates.

Our Engagement Model at X-Byte

In the course of initial talks, the scope, implementation and plans of the overall development of the project is decided upon with mutual agreement. In this model, our development efforts are paid off on an hourly basis. And yes, our services are capable of being booked in advance as well.