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  • What to Expect out of Smarter Web Scraping Techniques?

    In simpler words, web scraping is a computer software technique which is used to extract data from the web. The technique is closely related to web indexing in which information is taken out using a web crawler or a bot. A universal technique used by search engines, the popular web scraping technology is often used in the domain of search

  • Mobile Application Development—the New Buzzword

    With a revolutionary increase in the community of mobile users across the world, the number of related services have increased multifold—thereby paving the path for continuous evolution in mobile technology. The rapidly increasing mobile application development industry is creating a buzz in the world of telecommunication and is rapidly becoming a lucrative business for companies across the world. Aiming to

  • Latest Trends in Ecommerce Website Development!

    Today, ecommerce happens to be one of the most growing and dynamic industries across the world. It has made business simple and brought the entire world to just one marketplace. Shopping for products/ services had never been so easy; and all this and much more has become a reality with the help of feature packed and smartly designed ecommerce websites